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Valentines assorted chocolates
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Valentines Mini Bars
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  • Assorted Artisan Box (16Pc)

    Assorted  artisanal chocolates are the perfect gift for any occasion! Send a delicious box of chocolates to say thank you, as congratulations, or just because!

    *Box contains 16pcs of assorted chocolates


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  • love artisan bars (4pcs) + Wine

    This classic combination of Handcrafted Artisanal chocolates with wine that pairs so well always delights! Definitely more than a Valentine’s gift 😉🥂🍫

    Consists of;

    • El chivo Cabernet Sauvignon wine/Merlot

    • Milk dark chocolate bars ( hazzlenut praline 50% dark ) (4pcs)


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  • Valentines Mini Bars + Flowers

    There’s something for everyone in this Valentine’s Day.Enjoy an assortment of artisan chocolate in this lovely package that consists of multiple chocolate flavors all in one pack!

    *Package includes

    1. Chocolate box Consists of 5 assorted mini 17g bars.
    2. Medium sized flower bouquet


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  • Chocolate Easter Egg

    Looking for the perfect Easter Egg? Get something more unique this year with one of our Artisan Easter chocolate Egg (210gms).


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